Light alloy die casting products for all industries

italpres is engaged in the design and manufacturing of molds, and die casting of aluminium and zinc-aluminium alloys, producing items for a wide range of industries, including electronics, lighting, automotive, telecommunications, textiles, hydraulics, medical and many others.

With open-mindedness and the support of competent personnel, over time all technological innovations in die casting were implemented, and the customer base broadened, to all of Europe first, to the rest of the world nowadays.

A single point of contact and responsibility for the whole process of industrial production

italpres operates in die casting of aluminum light alloys, serving as a reliable supplier capable of managing the entire production process, from co-engineering of the part, to the realization of the equipment needed to produce it, from casting to finishing processes such as sanding, shotblasting, tumbling, machining, anodizing, painting and assembly. For some of these we use external suppliers with whom we have been collaborating for years.

Italpres' philosophy is to produce well, and without wastes – this is the approach which made the company succeed.