italpres, a company specialising in the mechanical machining of die-cast aluminium products, was founded in 1947 by Bruno Zani, its founder, out of dedication to his work and entrepreneurial initiative. 

His passion, dedication, technical knowledge and the moral and practical support of his wife Flavia Ghidini, led him to the first production of precision equipment and moulds

At the beginning of the sixties italpres purchased its first water die-casting plant. Since then it has been internationally recognised in the field of mechanical processing of die-cast aluminium products. 

In 2021, the foundry celebrated its 74th anniversary of die-casting light alloy articles for all production sectors. For over half a century, the company has been working in the field of design, mould construction and die-casting of aluminium and zinc alloys, producing items for a wide range of sectors, including electronic components, lighting, automotive, telecommunications, textiles, hydraulics, medical and many others. 

A flexible mentality and the contribution of competent and dedicated staff have enabled the company, which specialises in the mechanical machining of die-cast aluminium products, to embrace the technological innovations of the sector over time and to expand its customer base, first in Europe and now in the rest of the world. 

The company's success on a national and international scale is the result of a well-defined strategic choice that has been studied over the years. italpres is in fact involved in the die-casting of light aluminium alloys, offering itself as a reliable supplier capable of following the entire production process, from the co-engineering of the part to the creation of the equipment needed to produce it, from casting to finishing operations such as anodising, tumbling, grinding, machining, sandblasting, painting and assembly.