Aluminium Die casting

On behalf of its modern die casting plant with presses from 100 to 1400t clamping force, italpres produces technically demanding castings made of aluminium and zinc alloys, weighing from 4 gr to 15 kg, in small medium and large series.

italpres' machines are automated and computer controled, such as to constantly monitor the casting process, and thereby ensure the best possible quality of the cast parts, as well as to maximize production efficiency of its plants.

The choice of raw materials is also crucial to obtain quality die castings, which is why italpres uses only certified refineries and selected alloys.

More information about the Light Alloys Die-casting Process.


Die casting parts produced in average annually at italpres' production plant


Annual consumption of aluminium alloys for the production of die casting parts in tons


The number of die casting presses in operation at italpres' plant, ranging from 100 to 1400 tons clamping force

Technical specifications have to be considered approximate