Also known as grinding, it is a finishing process whereas a corundum abrasive cloth is passed  manually on the parts in order to polish the surfaces.

This operation can be repeated several times depending on the quality of the surface of departure and the expected result.

Basically there are 4 classes of sandpaper corresponding to the respective stages of sanding: roughing (grits 60 ÷ 120), semi finish (grits 180 ÷ 400), finish (grits 400 to 1000) and super-finishing (grits over 1000 ).

This processing usually is functional to the further use of the parts in combination with other mechanical features, but also in preparation for subsequent finishing operations, such as painting.

For more information on the possibilities to use sanding for your die cast parts, please contact us.


Here is an image of a part sanded at italpres.