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italpres certificated of innovative SMEs

Almost an year after the Investment Compact and the recognition by law of innovative SMEs is useful to draw a picture of someone who has taken up the challenge and got, in fact, the certificate of "innovative SMEs".

Among these realities there is also italpres from Lumezzane, since 70 years leader in the die casting of articles in light alloys used in all productive sectors. italpres operates in the design, manufacture of molds and die casting of aluminum and zinc alloys producing items for various sectors, including electronic components, lighting, automotive, telecommunications, textile, hydraulic, medical and hydraulics.

italpres wanted to register as innovative SMEs in the special section of the register of the Chamber of Commerce in order to access the system of subsidies and tax incentives provided by law. Innovative SMEs, as italpres, a leader in the die casting industry and mold construction, are in fact recognized part of the benefits provided for innovative start-ups.

italpres, as an alluminium die casting and mold construction company, wantet to obtain the status of innovative SME in order to become more actractive and increase his visibility on the market. Thanks to this list you could enter in fact in a circuit of simplifications and facilitations largely automatic, also improving the relationship with the banking system.

In addition, by investing in innovation, italpres already certified ISO 9001 company, it has become more competitive by increasing the opportunity of growing and expanding its market. Accordance with the law, they can aspire to the status of ''innovative SMEs'' capital companies, already entered in the Register of Companies that have at least 2 out of 3 of the following requirements: 

  • - research and development activities relating to at least 3% of the greater of the following items: costs and the total value of production;   
  • - a team formed by a third of staff holding master's degree; or to a fifth by PhD students, postdocs and graduate with 3 years experience in research certified ; 
  • - the company is the trustee or licensee of industrial property, or holder of registered software.