Lavorazione di leghe d’alluminio


The year 2017 was fundamental for the redemption of aluminum, which after the crash of 2015 and the slow recovery in 2016, it recorded a rise of 15% in 2017 (according to LME prices). News that a company specializing in the processing of aluminum alloys certainly can not ignore.

The main cause of this price increase is the cuts in production and output Chinese. In fact, the Chinese government has decided to reduce manufacturing and exports by 30% of aluminum and 50% that of alumina during the winter, to limit atmospheric pollution. The most important provinces involved are the Asian ones, and the quantities cut are equal to 1.2 million tons of aluminum and above all 7.3 million tons of alumina.

This price growth has helped stabilizing the cost of aluminum on relatively large amounts. According to industry experts this year, prices are expected to decline slightly. A descent seen with a positive view by the person who deals with the processing of aluminum alloys.

However despite the price increase since 2017, the new tariffs of 10% on imports of aluminum in the United States, imposed by Donald Trump and the fear that the shooting of the production in Chinese plants are now at the door, have caused a fall 
sudden at the beginning of 2018.

In short: despite the new US policies and the possible Asian maneuvers, in the long term the trend will remain on the upside but in the short term it will be very flexible.

italpres, SME which operates in the construction and design of molds and die-casting and that for over half a century has been dealing with the processing of aluminum alloys, is a company that follows every update concerning its own sector of reference in order to offer more care in the production of die-cast parts, from co-design to works finishing and packaging.

That is why the increase or decrease in aluminum prices is a factor from we can do not distract.

Source: A&L