Manutenzione nel settore stampi pressofusione

Maintenance in the die casting mold sector (1st part)

The importance of productivity in the die casting sector is certainly known to all. Companies try to be productive and efficient in making quality products in the shortest time.

What are the types of maintenance to improve production in the die casting sector?

-  Corrective maintenance in the die-casting mold sector;
-  Opportunistic maintenance of the die-casting mold sector;
-  Preventive maintenance of the die-casting mold sector;
-  Predictive maintenance in the die-casting mold sector.

Historically, the competitive dimension of the entrepreneur was focused on the optimization of die-casting machines, processes and cycle times, without giving the right weight to all the other variables that come into play when it comes to efficiency.

Today it is difficult to operate with the same entrepreneurial thinking of the past: in fact, competitiveness has been made more demanding due to various factors, such as the entry into the market of emerging countries, the simultaneous expansion of the overall scenario of competition between companies, etc. . etc.

For this reason, in addition to the classic attention to the cycle time and quality of die casting molds, we also focus particularly attentively on the performance of the tool for die casting, controlling two major elements of influence: the maintenance of the mold and the activities of workshop.


The everyday to kill the method

Thinking about a reorganization project (eg maintenance), the thought immediately runs to the "method", with the conviction that a good method is enough. Unfortunately, this is not the case: neglecting the small problems of everyday life, large projects could suffer. And it is precisely this attention to everyday life, such as the management of small activities and meeting deadlines, which contributes in an incisive way to the realization of a project and to obtaining great results.

Attenzione che italpres ha sempre messo al primo posto per proporsi come partner affidabile in Italia e all’estero per la pressofusione di alluminio e leghe leggere, nella progettazione e costruzione stampi per pressofusione di alluminio

Attention that italpres has always put first to offer itself as a reliable partner in Italy and abroad for the die casting of aluminum and light alloys, in the design and construction of molds for aluminum die casting

An approach that has provided, over the years, continuous training to align the whole team to a working method that could be suited to the new needs of the market.

To be continued...


Source: Costruire Stampi marzo 2020