Chemical nickel plating on aluminum

Chemical nickel plating consists in the deposition, on the surface of a metal object, in our case in aluminum, of a layer consisting of nickel and phosphorus by means of chemical reactions. This is not the application of electric current, as occurs in treatments galvanic.

Chemical nickel plating on aluminum is often mentioned because aluminum is one of the metals that benefits most from this treatment. Nickel plating is combined with the characteristics for which aluminum is highly appreciated: it improves lightness, electrical conductivity and amagneticity.

What is the chemical nickel plating on aluminum

Chemical nickel plating on aluminum consists of coating the product with a nickel-phosphorus alloy. This alloy, combined with the reaction of aluminum, ensures a series of advantages, such as:

  • - better resistance to corrosion, because the deposited coating has a very low porosity so potentially harmful agents will not be able to damage the underlying material.
  • - the increase in surface hardness, which is already high in a nickel-phosphorus alloy. In addition, usually, this parameter is further improved by subjecting the piece to a heat treatment at high temperatures (300-400 ° C) which makes the final result even more resistant to wear.
  • - uniformity of the coating, so the coating of the product will be homogeneous in terms of thickness, even when the nickel plating treatment on aluminum is performed on a piece of complex shapes and geometries. It means that no adjustments will be necessary following the deposition.
  • - high adhesion, i.e. the nickel and phosphorus coating adheres firmly and durably to the aluminum surface. Thus the piece will be solid and stable in the final result.
  • - improvement of aesthetics, because with nickel plating you can give the object a uniform and shiny

The reason why nickel plating is a treatment used and appreciated for aluminum is evident. Because it combines an improvement of the mechanical and technical properties of the part for finishing and aesthetic improvement purposes, ideal for those components that have decorative functions or will be "visible".

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