previsione difettosità processi di fusione

The future of the foundry: dimensional verification with GOM Inspect Professional for predictive analysis of defects in casting processes

The main need within the foundry processes is the prediction of defects with the greatest possible accuracy, in order to be able to intervene and correct typical defects before production.

Simulation software translates reality into mathematical equations and makes it possible to predict the onset and formation of these phenomena in a scientific way, offering an objective prediction of what happens to the metal during the casting process.

In particular, the ProCAST software simulates a press that produces virtual pieces as if they were physical, followed by dimensional verification through the physical measurement of the prototype.

And it is precisely from the close collaboration between ECOTRE Valente, specialist in the simulation of metallurgical processes, and GOM Italia that a new important integration between predictive and dimensional analysis of casting is born.

But what happens in practice? The user performs the simulation of the casting with ProCAST, obtaining a cloud of points in the form of a * .G3D file that is imported into the GOM Inspect Professional software capable of carrying out an in-depth analysis for the prediction of defects in casting processes.

GOM INSPECT PROFESSIONAL: a software for the prediction of defects in casting processes

The introduction of GOM Inspect Professional just after the numerical simulation brings a great benefit because it does not distort the work plan and maintains the same operating modes, optimizing the product development cycle starting from the execution times of the individual steps. The ProCAST / GOM Inspect Professional integration, in fact, significantly shortens the overall process time because it reduces the prototyping and sampling phases to the bare essentials, optimally analyzing possible defects in the casting processes.

The 2020 version of the GOM Inspect software has also evolved, including structural improvements and additional functions. The new GOM platform, called GOM Inspect Suite, brings together all the software applications, offering complete integration, from 3D data acquisition to reporting.

GOM Inspect Suite 2020 also offers 3D data analysis software independent of the measurement system in use. It is compatible for the analysis of data generated by the most common scanners and analysis systems on the market. Users can work with polygon meshes, analyze measurement data and produce reports easily and efficiently. The GOM Inspect Professional module integrates the free version with additional functions such as parametric analysis and analysis and reporting templates.

GOM Inspect Suite is designed to best suit users' applications by providing new specific functions. Absolutely new is a series of functions for volumetric analysis of data generated by computed tomography (CT) scans, the function for virtual clamping (Virtual Clamping) has been further developed, together with the component-based workflow and function of digital assembly. These modules also include a virtual measuring cell (VMR) for automated measurement and component checks along serial production. The GOM software grows according to the user's needs and represents a valid investment to improve its measurement and analysis workflow and for the prediction of defects in casting processes.


Source: A&L Aluminum Alloys Pressure Diecasting Foundry Techniques