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Casting ensures precision and speed

italpres, die-casting of aluminum alloys ensures precision and speed allowing a significant reduction of the processing times


Probably it is the most diffused type of processing in foundries for both its quality and for the performance it can guarantee in terms of productivity. The die-casting process, that takes place in the establishments of Lumezzane italpres, can be classified within the large family of foundry technologies with permanent mold casting, decidedly different from sand casting, also and mostly because the molten aluminum is injected into the tool at high pressures obtaining in this way results much more precise and closer to the final.


"When referring to aluminum die casting it is necessary to consider a process where the contribution of technology is an important added value with respect to tradition. In fact in the die-casting all takes place trough the automation, this not only minimizes human errors but allows to drastically reduce the time of production, a saving that, for italpres customers, is transformed into a numerical important detail in the delivery phase of the material to the customer."


"As if this is not enough, because of the great strength, the pressure, with which the molten aluminum is injected into the tool, this will adhere with  greater precision to the walls, generating a very faithful product to the one designed in the initial phase thus significantly reducing the work of post molding by workers for processing."


"These are just some of the plus on which the excellence of the production of italpres, which since 1947 operates in the design, manufacture of tools and die casting of aluminum alloys and zinc producing articles for a wide range of sectors, including the electronic components, lighting, automotive, telecommunications, textile, oleodynamic, medical, hydraulic and many others."