Italpres products are safe

In the last period, it has happened that many customers, prospects or suppliers are contacting italpres to obtain information about the origin of the aluminum for die-casting and the steels for the construction of die-casting molds and on the safety of our products. As far as italpres is concerned, the export and import of treated aluminum is limited to western countries.

italpres also contributes to the design, construction of molds and die casting of light aluminum alloys sector by carrying out scrupulous checks at every stage of the die casting production process. The production, which in every phase is certified, controlled and optimized thanks to the use of new generation machinery. This attention is part of our history regardless of any external problems: it is a daily commitment.

Italpres aluminum alloys are European and certified

In addition, the aluminum alloys treated by italpres  come only from refineries certified in western Europe, carefully selected after years of experience in the sector. We are attentive to suppliers because the matter we deal with must necessarily be of quality.

We are always available to investigate the issue and make you feel comfortable: do not hesitate to contact us.