The treatments and finishes of the die-cast parts

The treatments and finishes on the die-cast parts are processes that make the piece ready for a specific use. They remove any defects due to production processes or superficially transform the part. One aspect is particularly important, both for the treatments and for the finishes of the die-cast parts: it is important to take them into consideration from the component design phase, offering some advice for optimizing the most critical points.

Treatments and finishes of die-cast parts are not the same thing. We can distinguish: treatments identify all the industrial processes aimed at modifying the texture of the surface, the second ones indicate the texture of the surface, for example if it is smooth or rough to the touch.

Surface treatments modify the surface of the object thanks to various industrial processes. They are used to obtain or improve its property or characteristic. Almost all metal components used on an industrial level require post-production treatment, including aluminum. Usually, treatments are required to improve the aesthetics of a product, to improve its chemical resistance, resistance to corrosion or wear, to improve or modify its electrical conductivity, to remove burrs and other defects or to change the texture of its surface.

Treatments on die-cast parts, not just final ones

Sometimes multiple treatments can be applied simultaneously and interact with each other. For example, an aesthetic reason can be combined with a functional one. Other times one treatment is preparatory to another, subsequent: to say, the chroming or painting are usually preceded by special preparatory treatments that allow the color to adhere to the surface. So, not all surface treatments on die-cast parts are conclusive, therefore.

Since most of the aluminum diecastings will receive at least one post-casting treatment, depending on the specifications of durability, protection and aesthetics, it is important that it is under control by the company that produces the part. And that there is a close collaboration between the producer and the customer. Technologies today allow you to apply treatments or surface finishes of excellent workmanship, but to obtain the best results and manage costs, it is essential to know in advance each process that will be applied to the product. Because the structural characteristics of the particular die-cast have a direct impact on the application of a coating, on a treatment or on a finish, therefore it is essential that they are deepened and taken into consideration in the initial phase, in order to easily resolve any critical issues in the final one .

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