Sostenibilità alluminio

The sustainability of aluminum: the added value of the material treated by italpres

The sustainability of aluminum is a central theme in the innovation of companies like italpres. With a view to commitment to the environment and therefore to a reduction in fuel consumption and a research for energy efficiency, aluminum proves to be a valuable ally, being a material ready for recycling.

To make it completely recyclable and reusable it must be produced in the right way, so italpres's commitment to production is synonymous with commitment to the environment. In addition to the exclusive use of certified aluminum, which guarantees a better quality of the product, italpres carries out a further check to ensure the absence of radioactive elements in the die-cast parts through a special tool and guarantee the full sustainability of aluminum.

The virtuous path of industry towards the sustainability of aluminum

The aluminum industry is trying to take a virtuous path. Generally, compared to other similar industries, it is more committed to promoting separate waste collection and has been investing for years in recycling methods and reducing pollution deriving from production on the environment. It is no coincidence that the energy required to produce aluminum has in fact fallen and, consequently, carbon dioxide emissions have decreased.

Furthermore, the sustainability of aluminum is encouraged by the characteristics of the material: it is in fact completely recyclable like glass, but compared to the latter it is lighter and more resistant, therefore more easily transportable and long-lived. Aluminum is then ductile: it is not only used in the packaging of food products, but also in the manufacture of any type of frame or support, or in large structures or buildings. Its potential is remarkable and above all coherent with an idea of safeguarding the environment.

In addition to healthy production it is necessary to promote the sustainability of aluminum and in particular recycling. The latter is a seemingly superfluous activity: in reality, our simple gesture makes the world sustainable. In the case of aluminum, recycling product means using a resource already present on the market and in its time "processed", thus saving the process of extracting the raw material from bauxite rocks and the production one, whose energy expenditure is higher than the recycling.