illuminazione led reparto produttivo italpres

Efficiency, comfort and sustainability: new LED lamps in the italpres production department

Since 1947, italpres has worked in the sector of design, mold construction and die casting of aluminum and zinc alloys. With the aim of always providing high-performance and functional solutions, we regularly innovate our departments with cutting-edge technologies.

Recently, italpres has installed new LED lighting in its production department in order to improve visibility, the work of operators and reduce our environmental impact.

LED lamps in industries: what advantages do they offer?

The integration of LED lighting in industrial environments and production departments brings with it a series of significant advantages in terms of energy efficiency. This technology stands out for its low electrical consumption; in fact, it is estimated that LEDs consume between 50% and 80% less energy than older alternatives.

The energy saving obtained from the installation of LED lamps also translates into a reduced environmental impact, in fact the reduction in energy consumption leads directly to a reduction in CO2 emissions and other greenhouse gases, making it easier for businesses to achieve greater environmental sustainability.

The adoption of LED lighting is in all respects a choice aligned with the objectives of ecological transition.

In addition to the environmental and energy advantages, LED lighting has production benefits:

  • Facilitates and improves the efficency of technicians and employees;
  • Makes checks more accurate, thus increasing quality control on products;
  • It affects the comfort of the workers, consequently leading to greater productivity.

For all these reasons, italpres has decided to renovate its production department by installing modern LED lamps. 

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