The molds for aluminum casting produced by italpres

Die casting is a versatile production technique, which guarantees a wide range of applications. Different molds can be made to melt aluminum, and meet the needs of many market sectors. A company like italpres, leader in the die-casting of aluminum, has therefore a varied production and is also a daily challenge: it is in fact necessary to keep up to date on the trends of each sector in order to be able to respond to all requests and, where possible , anticipate them, at the same time guaranteeing a top level service.

The vastness of fields is also dictated by the matter treated by italpres, or aluminum. It is a material with excellent mechanical properties, it is light but strong, it is resistant to corrosion and heat dissipation, it has an excellent thermal conductivity.

Italpres molds in various sectors

italpres produces molds for molding and related components in die-cast aluminum for many sectors and is committed to being at the highest level in all, without preferences or distinctions.

  • In the aeronautical and aerospace sectors, aluminum is always widely used due to the favorable ratio between mechanical properties and lightness, in many components;
  • In the textile branch;
  • In furnishing the objects produced are often part of the frame. Armchairs, chairs, tables, bookcases: aluminum is present in many furnishing components;
  • Even in more particular instruments, die-cast aluminum can be used without excluding the automotive sector.
    italpres therefore designs, develops studies and creates molds with a dedicated department.

These are just some examples of application of die-cast aluminum tools produced by italpres. For the reasons already mentioned, the possibilities are many, and studies on the subject always leave the doors open to new horizons. Aluminum has multiple capacities and is a resource widely present on the planet in the form of bauxite, and being also completely recyclable it encourages an ever wider and more effective use.