Metef 2022 alluminio verde

Metef 2022, focus on aluminum for the ecological transition

Green aluminum, circular economy, recyclability and energy efficiency: an edition of Metef2022 will open in Bologna on 9 June, highlighting the eco-sustainability of the aluminum supply chain. The first session of the Green Aluminum Conference will be held in Brescia on May 4th.

The inauguration of Metef 2022 is approaching, which from 9 to 11 June 2022 will attract the main international players of the aluminum system to the BolognaFiere exhibition center, to highlight the main innovations in the aluminum industry, foundry and diecasting, transformations, processes, finishes and final uses of light metal.

In this edition, the rich program of events and collateral initiatives is characterized by the strong attention to the unique characteristics of the light metal not only from a technical point of view but also in terms of environmental and social sustainability. Moreover, the ecological transition and the difficult global contingency with the tensions on the supply of raw materials and the strong increases in energy prices place aluminum among the most strategic materials for technological flexibility, circular economy, recyclability and energy efficiency.

Appointment in Brescia with Metaf 2022 and green aluminum

To deepen and affirm the role of the aluminum supply chain in the challenge for the ecological transition, Metef organizes the Green Aluminum Conference, in two sessions. The first appointment will be held on May 4 in the Sala Beretta of the Confindustria Brescia headquarters (Via Cefalonia 60, Brescia), with a rich program of talks that illustrate how "green aluminum" with a low CO2 content is already an opportunity to industry layout.

The conference will then stop in Bologna, during Metef, with a second appointment in which the main qualities and uses of eco-sustainable aluminum, of primary and secondary production, will be illustrated with testimonials of the highest level. Indeed, the rapid perception that users have towards raw materials will have significant consequences for the future of the sector:

- on one hand, transparent carbon offsetting mechanisms will act as a powerful tool to support the image and future of aluminum and can be used to responsibly purchase metal with the lowest carbon footprint;

- on the other hand, as the "green aluminum" makes its way into the leading high-end market, indirect positive pressure will grow on the other global market players at all levels to intensify the decarbonisation process of this industry and not alone.

The aluminum system will not only be a protagonist for an expected and urgent green transition, but will also constitute a model to follow as an example to achieve this profound revolution.

The Italian aluminum supply chain, a sector with a high development potential

After the great recovery of the use of aluminum in Italy, which went from 1.8 million tons in 2020 to 2.2 million tons in 2021, with a per capita use of 37 kg, among the highest in the world (surveys Assomet), today even the Italian aluminum industry is wondering about the consequences that the war will have on the costs of energy, raw materials and world trade. If at the end of 2021 there was a cautious optimism about the future among the companies in the sector, today the forecasts have been considerably reduced. However, the strength of the Italian aluminum system remains intact and Metef, which has been promoting its innovations and excellence for 25 years, will continue to deepen the possibilities for development in the sector also in the next edition which will begin on 9 June in Bologna.

The event, organized by Senaf, will be held simultaneously with MECSPE, the most important event dedicated to innovations for the manufacturing industry.

"Aluminum is essential for the development of an industry that is increasingly sustainable and oriented towards the circular economy," says the president of METEF. "Despite the high level of imports in Europe, the total turnover in Italy has a turnover of over 40 billion euros, and has great prospects for further growth in the coming years, which we will try to tell and deepen in the new Bolognese edition of METEF, with meetings and demonstration areas oriented towards the technological innovation of the industry. "

Among the main novelties of 2022, the award ceremony of the first edition of the Italian Die Casting Award stands out, jointly promoted for the first time by the associations AIM, Amafond, Assofond, and conferred by a jury of experts in the sector. Finally, to enhance the activity of the sector's protagonists, the METEF Innovation Award returns in 2022, an international initiative, consolidated for over a decade, which aims to reward the most innovative case histories submitted by companies, relating to innovation. in plants, technologies, products and applications in aluminum and its alloys. The award, which will be awarded to the winners on 9 June, will reward the best candidates considering the aspects of energy saving, eco-sustainability and safeguarding of resources. A special prize will also be awarded to the decarbonisation projects of the company system as a whole.


Source: A&L Aluminum Alloys Pressure Diecasting Foundry Tecniques