Produzione italiana semilavorati alluminio 2022

The Italian production of semi-finished aluminum products in 2022

While awaiting the definitive processing of the data, Centroal, the Aluminum group of Assomet, has released a preview of the trend of the Italian production of semi-finished aluminum products in 2022, based on the quarterly surveys carried out among the associated companies.

After a sharp rise in 2021, thanks above all to the reopening of international trade and the restart of construction with the 110% Superbonus at national level, the sentiment among operators in the aluminum sector was also strongly positive for 2022.

Data on the Italian production of semi-finished aluminum products 2022

Despite an initial positive trend, the year just ended however suffered the effects of the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, with the increase in volatility on the markets and in energy costs, and the consequences of a gradual widespread interruption of incoming orders from since the summer and the slowdown in production in the last months of the year. All of this has led to an initial figure for the overall production of rolled products, extrusions and foundry ingots of 2.04 million tonnes, a value approximately 5% lower than in 2021.

With regard to laminates, the first final data for 2022 indicate a reduction in production of around 7% compared to the previous year, with a value of 612,000 tons, which is in any case higher than what was recorded in the pre-covid period.

For extruded products, after a very positive first half, driven by foreign orders and by the recovery of the building and construction sector, starting from the summer the sector had to deal with a sharp drop in orders: Italian production is therefore to 710,000 tonnes, a 3% drop from the 2021 record figure of 730,000 tonnes. The same trend also for the production of ingots for casting foundries, which in 2022 amounted to around 725,000 tons. Looking to 2023, there are still reasons for uncertainty about the solution to the problems that are weighing on the markets with volatility and turbulence, it should however be stressed that the sector is at its all-time highs with an excellent positioning in the global context.


Source: A&L Aluminum Alloys Pressure Diecasting Foundry Tecniques