The Italian production of aluminum alloys changes course towards environmental sustainability

The world of Italian production of aluminum alloys is changing course towards greater sustainability of the primary material for construction. italpres is no exception, indeed, for some time now, internal projects dedicated to environmental respect and to the production of low-carbon primary aluminum have been active.

The new requirements in terms of environmental sustainability and optimal use of resources for automotive, electronics and construction are the main drivers of the demand for light metal. According to statements by the international project manager, "aluminum is the second most widely used metal in the world after steel and global primary demand is expected to increase by 13.5 million tonnes in the next year". Faced with the concrete possibility that the aluminum industry continues to grow and consequently also the pollution produced by companies in the sector, international policies are trying to run for "to prevent what happened to the sector from happening. 

But what to do to limit the environmental damage caused by an increase in the Italian demand for aluminum? "Recycling is a good solution" able to regulate the Italian production of low CO2 consumption aluminum alloys without any appreciable loss of performance during the entire life cycle. However, it is true that over 75% of the world's annual demand must be met by primary aluminum, the most important in terms of the environment.

Another solution looks upstream from the production of primary aluminum and concerns the operating energy of smelters that, if charged with coal or with fossil fuels, generate 4 to 5 times more greenhouse gas emissions than those based on hydroelectric energy , with all the social and health consequences of the case. 

The first signs of change are already visible, and there are already many large end-users of light metal that specifically require aluminum produced by low-carbon plants.In the companies that work to increase environmental sustainability in the Italian production of alloys of aluminum there is also italpres.Contact us for more information.