costruzione degli stampi

The importance of mold making for aluminum die casting

The construction of molds is a fundamental step in the aluminum die-casting process. The mold is the "container" of diecasting, the space that will house the molten aluminum and outline its final shape once it has cooled. So the more precise the mold is, the better the finished product will be. If the mold has defects, the piece obtained through the die-casting process will also be imperfect.

The department dedicated to the construction of italpres molds

A perfect mold is needed to make a die-cast aluminum perfect product. Many companies prefer to delegate the realization of these molds to third parties, dedicating themselves only to the second phase of the production process, whereas italpres has decided to keep this step inside the company, acquiring a department dedicated exclusively to the construction of molds. Thus italpres can control all the phases that lead to the creation of a product and can guarantee customers the highest quality in first person: since the entire process takes place within the company, italpres is solely responsible for the final result.

Investments for the machinery of the mold construction laboratory

The construction of the die-casting molds depends on the design capacity and care for the details of the company's employees, but also on the quality of the machines that, physically, will produce the mold. Investments in machinery are therefore essential to guarantee a high standard of molds and, consequently, of finished products. Investing in equipment also leads to a constant improvement in results: in fact, for over 70 years italpres has invested a portion of the resources in the instrumentation, with the aim of having the latest technologies in each department, and where possible, to anticipate future market demands.

How molds are made for die-casting

Die-casting molds are usually made of steel because it is a material with higher melting points than aluminum, which will be injected into it. For the construction of molds there is a first phase of design, where the engineers think and design the mold needed to obtain the product requested by the customer, and a second phase of construction. The machinery of the italpres laboratory is technologically advanced and allows to reach a very high precision, in the order of hundredths of a millimeter. In most cases, the technology used for the construction of molds is electroerosion.

If you need a partner for the construction of molds, contact italpres, leader in the marketplace of the aluminum die-casting.