FACE requests to revive the aluminum industry

The aluminum industry in Italy contributes largely to the livelihood of many other sectors of the country's production system. From public health to food, from electronics to communication, to transport and energy distribution, many sectors use and need aluminum. That's why in these days of speeches on the reforms of Italy, the aluminum industry wanted to make its voice heard through the Italian associates at Face (Federation of aluminum consumers in Europe).

Face's request is relevant considering the size of the Italian aluminum industry: it is in second place in Europe, after Germany, with almost a thousand companies, over 90% SMEs, for a turnover close to 13 billion euro in 2019. Just think that last year, the Italian market recorded an overall aluminum consumption of over 2 million tons, with an annual per person consumption of metal among the highest in the world, equal to over 34 kg.

During 2020, the total consumption of aluminum in Italy decreased to 1.5 million tons, equal to the share of 10 years ago. This is why Face made its voice heard, sending requests to the Government and proposing solutions to help and relaunch the important industrial sector of aluminum.

Not only requests: Face's proposals for the relaunch of aluminum

Face believes that it is essential to release the vitality of aluminum SMEs in Italy, which make up a large part of the economic fabric of the sector. How? With an ancient request, the suspension of duties on imports of raw aluminum. The structure of tariffs applied by the EU is in fact too heavy for a market with reduced domestic production as regards raw materials.

The relaunch of the aluminum industry is possible

Face's request are not utopian. In fact, there is the real possibility that in the medium and long term the aluminum-system will restart, provided that it eases duties and pushes it towards profitable investments, such as respect for the environment, circular economy and a safe and non-polluting supply of raw materials, as expected by the Green Deal which will be a central point of the Recovery Fund managed by the European Commission.

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