alluminio anodizzato

Anodized aluminum: what it is, features and advantages

The anodised aluminum is an anodised aluminum, an electrochemical process patented in 1911 which applies an artificial oxide coat on the metal alloy. Technically, the oxide covers the aluminum surface giving it greater resistance to atmospheric agents and not only.

Among the processes carried out by italpres there is also the anodization of aluminum, to be carried out in three distinct steps: cleaning and degreasing of aluminum, anodic oxidation of aluminum and fixingThe first machining to be done is the mechanical satin finish to eliminate the natural aluminum oxide, at which point you can proceed with the degreasing of the metal surface to be anodized, in order to completely remove the impurities and obtain a perfectly smooth surface. 

Once the aluminum part is de-greased, it is immersed in a tank containing water in which the electric current is circulated, while during the electrolysis process oxygen combines with aluminum, giving rise to anodised aluminum which has an insoluble barrier and compact that adheres perfectly to the surface of the metal and makes it much more resistant.The electric current continues its work, producing a further porous coat, where each pore is a point of attack.

Colored anodized aluminum

After the anodization, the piece of aluminum is further washed and, if necessary, it is stained by powder coating.The coloring process consists of filling the pores of the anodic layer with light-resistant color. Instead, the pores are sealed with the fixation.

Features of anodised aluminum

Among the main characteristics of anodised aluminum are: resistance to corrosion by atmospheric agents, resistance to stains and scratches, the possibility of recycling it entirely, the traceability of the product through the marking and the unparalleled aesthetic quality of the coloring.

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