mercato dell’alluminio nel mondo

The aluminum market in the world: the significant themes

ALUMINUM is one of the largest exhibitions in Europe and in the world, an unmissable appointment in the foundry sector and in the aluminum market. This year, hundreds of companies participated from Europe and all over the world.

What was the talk between the booths?

  • - Metal price and availability: Despite a recent drop in the LME price of aluminum, the material is still expensive. Companies are concerned about the cost of the raw material as it remains high due to the price of energy. The companies also seemed to be a bit concerned about the availability of the material.
  • - Energy: one of the main themes addressed during the fair. Everyone seems alarmed about the energy price spike. It is unclear whether this is a long-term trend or a snapshot of the current situation. High energy prices are perceived as a threat and, even if aid is foreseen in some cases, the industry in Europe and the aluminum market will have to learn to manage these prices, at least for the foreseeable future. Which brings us to our next point: recycling. How to do more with less.
  • - Recycling/sustainability: As well as just being common sense, in the realm of the green transition, this issue could also help companies save on energy or material costs. In fact, most of the companies at the fair promoted this theme. Recycling and sustainability were seen as slogans in many stands: companies created educational images and videos around this topic. The fair also reserved a stage exclusively dedicated to this theme, where companies showed the latest news on technological advances and new processes created to reduce energy consumption and the need for primary metal.

Faced with the crisis deriving from Covid-19, from the very high costs of energy and raw materials, from inflation and from the war which causes logistical and commercial disruptions, the aluminum market has to face everything with the absurd burden of a further additional cost on the our raw material, due to the persistence of all EU tariffs on crude aluminium, even though Europe is constantly running a deficit of 80%.


Source: A&L Aluminum Alloys Pressure Diecasting Foundry Tecniques