Alluminio per automotive

Aluminum for automotive

One of the many uses of aluminum is also in the automotive sector strong innovative content especially in foundry: large jets with reduction of weights and thicknesses, use of newly designed cores to obtain complex geometric shapes.

A new season has begun for aluminum casting foundries, there is some attention towards the search for the new, the automotive pushes for solutions with never-ever shapes experimented or realized before today in light alloy, the challenge is to identify  with that melting process, such as alloys, which casting design bases, which technologies the best result can be achieved.

In this great match for an extraordinary rematch of the aluminum foundry, plays also italpres, which for over half a century has also been involved in the field of components and systems for the automotive, industrial vehicle and motorcycles sectors.  italpres, a company specializing in aluminum die casting for automotive industry and in mold construction, is the ideal partner for companies operating in the sector automotive, both for original equipment and for the after market. 

The research and development department of italpres is constantly committed to identifying materials and fuser processes capable of producing safe and reliable light alloy parts. 

The company of Lumezzane, in the province of Brescia, constructs light alloy articles destined for all the productive sectors. It has been operating for over 70 years in the design and construction of molds and die-casting of aluminum and zinc alloys producing articles for a wide range of sectors, among which the electronic components, the lighting, the automotive, the telecommunications, textiles, hydraulics, medical, hydraulics and many others. 

A flexible mentality and the contribution of competent staff have allowed to welcome the technological innovations of the sector over time and expand the park customers, first to all of Europe, today also to the rest of the world. italpres also deals with the die casting of light aluminum alloys for automotive and not only, proposing itself as a reliable and capable supplier to follow the whole production process, from the co-engineering of the piece to the realization of the equipment  necessary to produce it, from casting to finishing work such as anodizing, tumbling, sanding, machining, sandblasting, painting and assembly.

The italpres philosophy is to produce well and without waste, and it is this approach that has decreed its success.