transizione ecologica industria alluminio

Aluminum and ecological transition, an ambitious and complex path between rules, political choices, sustainability, competitiveness

The shortage of raw materials and high energy prices are the great risk for the manufacturing sector in the EU and in Italy; it goes without saying that these are two issues of fundamental importance for the aluminum industry in the old continent, and it is in this logic that we pay great attention to these issues also in this mid-year issue of A&L.


The ecological transaction of the aluminum industry

There is therefore an extensive report by CBAM, the new planned carbon tax at the EU border which is included in the FIT 55 package, a group of 13 legislative initiatives on energy and climate with which Brussels indicates how to reduce emissions by 55% by 2030 and put the energy and ecological transition into practice.

The eco-sustainability of our metal is a leading theme of current affairs. Green aluminum was the center of attention at the first Italian-Russian Aluminum Forum, organized by Metef and RAA with the support of A&L, an event to which a first report is dedicated in this issue of the magazine.

There are many new opportunities to combine the aluminum industry with new paths towards the eco-sustainable transition, even if many problems remain on the table. However, we think positive, hoping that the political choices take into account the important role of the aluminum value chain and the thousands of small and medium-sized enterprises downstream in the EU that constitute its main resource.


Source: A&L Aluminum Alloys Pressure Diecasting Foundry Tecniques