Industria 4.0 e la pressofusione di articoli in leghe leggere - pressofusione alluminio - aluminium die-casting - aluminium druckguss


italpres has 70 years of experience in light alloy die-cast products for all sectors. The company works in the field of design, construction of moulds and die-cast aluminium and zinc alloys making articles for a wide range of industries, including electronic components, lighting, automotive, telecommunications, textiles, medical, hydraulics and many more.

A flexible mindset and the supply of skilled staff were allowed to accept over time the technological innovations in the industry and to broaden the customer base, first in the whole Europe and today also to the rest of the world. The plan 4.0 industry supports their companies who look to innovation as italpres in Lumezzane, Brescia, which over the years has been equipped with new machinery for die casting alloys and the die-cast mould making. 

4.0 INDUSTRY provides important benefits for society, such as the hyper extension of the super amortization depreciation to 250% and 140%: in the first case, in particular, the goal is to encourage investment in 4.0industrial sectors, with the addition of technologies for reducing energy consumption. In fact, the 4.0 National Industry plan, launched by the Ministry of economic development, uses 1.2 billion for the purchase of machinery and software to develop the potential of Intelligent Factory and to optimize industrial production.

The Intelligent Factory and information technologies at the service of manufacturing have for some time considered a critical success factor for the growth of the Italian production system and to maintain and strengthen its competitiveness on the world markets. Although we speak for some years now, following the launch from the German Government of the program "4.0 Industries", the use of these new technologies is still not widespread, not only in Italy but also in other European countries, Germany included. In fact, a recent survey of the BDI, the German industrial association, showed that 45% of enterprises did not yet examined thoroughly the implications of digitization intense industrial processes and two-thirds of German companies still immature compared to an average digital technologies are evaluated. However, both business associations and the Government believe that it is a road that must be traveled to consolidate the leadership of German industrial system.

Even in Italy things are moving for some time and the presentation of the National Industry Plan 4.0 is the conclusion of one stage of the journey that began in 2012 with the establishment of the National Technology Cluster Intelligent Factory (CFI). It is the right time to consider the adoption of new technologies of manufacturing 4.0, exploiting the tax breaks that the national plan just presented offers.

Technologies already available to italpres that, in the field of die casting aluminum alloys, aims for decades as a reliable supplier and able to follow the entire production process, from the co-engineering of the piece to the realization of the necessary equipment to produce it, from melting to finishing processes such as machining, anodizing, tumbling, sanding, sandblasting, painting and assembly.

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