Die casting for small lots

A company like italpres, leader in aluminum die-casting, is used to producing huge quantities of pieces. Over time it has achieved very high quality standards despite the fact that production is on a large scale, and die casting is no longer dedicated only, as at its origins, to small batches: it is the secret of success. It can only be achieved through a long process of optimization and improvement of the production process, possible thanks to the skills of the staff in the company and to investments in the latest machines.

How to handle die casting for small batches

But a company like italpres cannot limit itself to large-scale production, to always be competitive on the market. It was not correct to abandon die-casting for small lots, rather it was a challenge to recover the value of the production of smaller quantities at the time of massification. Die casting for small batches requires the same or more attention as large-scale production, and it is possible to combine it within the company only through constant improvement of technologies. Today, the die-casting islands are completely automated, controlled by computers that control the process and intervene in real time to optimize work or erase defects. Thus, in the production of small lots, everything is under control.

The storage of molds dedicated to small lots

An efficient mold storage system is also important for the die-casting of small lots. The digitized system allows the molds to be stored with order regardless of the order size and to be tracked at any time, to make them immediately available for production, even if it is a small lot.

For die casting, even of small lots, contact italpres, a world leader in the sector.