The sectors in which aluminum die-casting operates

The die-casting of aluminum is a specific discipline which however has a very wide range of application. Both because it is a versatile production process, capable of producing a wide range of pieces of all types and sizes, and because, in the case of italpres, the treated material is aluminum, one of the best for mechanical characteristics and adaptability . Furthermore, due to the nature of the molds, the pieces produced with die-casting have better dimensional tolerances and finishes than the other foundry processes.

The pieces derived from aluminum die-casting are useful to a large number of sectors. The main ones are lighting, automotive, telecommunications, textiles, hydraulics, pneumatics, medical devices, hydraulics. The aluminum parts are everywhere, in everyday objects and also in those of less frequent use.
In lighting, aluminum die-casting derivatives are used to produce lamps of all types. They can be gears, or visible pieces of prototypes. In general, furniture is one of the most popular areas. In the automotive, in the industry of the means of transportation, they are used both in the engines and in the various parts of the bodywork or the chassis. "

The other typical sectors of cast aluminum parts

These are the most intuitive sectors in which aluminum die-casting products can be traced, but the production is very wide and also covers sectors such as:

  • - telecommunications, that is, in the realization of all technological devices dedicated to communications;
  • - the textile and clothing industry, particularly in accessories;
  • - oleodynamics, that is the branch of mechanical engineering that studies the transmission of energy through pressurized fluids;
  • - pneumatics, devices that use pressurized gas;
  • - the medical field, in many medical and orthopedic devices;
  • - hydraulics, the tools useful for plumbing systems, in turn used in many fields.

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