Costruzione stampi e pressofusione di alluminio

Aluminum die casting and mold construction and with clean energy

The Italpres plant, a company specializing in aluminum die-casting and mold construction, has for a few months been equipped with a photovoltaic system which is able to generate 390 MWh of clean energy per year. The roof of the shed was covered by more than 1000 modules that provide the plant with a power of over 300 kWp, important numbers for a foundry like italpres that deals with aluminum die-casting for Italy and abroad.

The construction of the plant required a rather complex preparation phase given the presence of different types of roofing. On the part covered by a flat floor, weights were placed to which the panels were anchored through a specific hooking system to counteract the action of the wind. Finally, on the part of the pitched roof it was necessary to proceed with the removal of asbestos and overcoating in extremely short times, to limit the risk of damage due to adverse weather events. The design of the photovoltaic system was managed in the initial phase through of a planning software, with subsequent adaptation actions, designed to meet the specific needs of the project.

The system status and efficiency are monitored continuously through of a software that allows to visualize the plant data that supplies the furnaces and the aluminum die-casting machines directly from the PC and which will soon be available on the website.The choice of italpres confirms the farsightedness of the management that has always looked with attention to the future. A path started long ago, at the beginning of the sixties, as far as Lumezzane (Bs) arrived the first water-pressure die-casting plant. Over time, the company has perfected its offer in the construction of die-casting molds for various areas, starting from the automotive area and ending with the lighting and electrical engineering area. In short: for over 50 years the foundry in the province of Brescia is constantly looking for innovation, high precision and maximum performance of die-cast products made thanks to the molds built inside the plant by a specialized team.

The investments of the last few years have allowed the company to be internationally known in the specialized landscape of design, mold construction and quality die casting.